iPhone battery myths busted – leaving your phone on a windowsill DOES drain power but charging overnight is okay

Nobody likes having to rush to the nearest charger, and as a result dozens of myths have surfaced around how to preserve your phone's juice.

Batteries degrade over time – there's no avoiding that – but some phone fables claim that when and where you charge your phone can halt the gradual decline.

Here are the top three myths about your smartphone battery that you should ignore from now on.

Myth 1 – Drain your battery completely before charging

One tall techy tale suggests you run down your battery completely each time you use it.

According to the myth, doing this before a charge helps keep your battery life healthy for as long as possible.

But it turns out there's no need to wait for your phone to die before plugging it back in.

In fact, the best you can do your phone is charging it a little bit at a time throughout the day.

The perfect power level is between 40% and 80%, according to tech whizzes at a free website called Battery University.

They do recommend, however, that you let your phone's battery drain completely once every three months to keep it healthy.

Myth 2 – Don't leave your phone on charge overnight

People have for years claimed that "overcharging" your phone – leaving it on charge after it hits 100% – degrades your battery life.

But it turns out having your phone on charge all night causes your battery no issues.

That's because your gadget actually switches off when it's fully charged.

Once you've hit 100%, nothing more flows through the phone, meaning you can leave it charging for hours with no impact on your battery.

Myth 3 – Heat has no impact on your battery

It turns out that heat does affect your phone power source, so be careful where you leave it.

If your handset's sitting in sunlight – on a windowsill for instance – then it will drain faster.

That's because it's running at a temperature above the recommended guidelines laid out by the manufacturer.

For most phones, that's around 0-35 degrees C.

Running out of juice can be a pain, so we've pulled together six simple tips to help you boost your smartphone’s battery life.

Sometimes your apps can be the problem: Android phone owners were last week warned about nine dodgy apps loaded with nasty viruses.

You might not have to struggle with daily charging for much longer, as Nasa is building a "negative" battery that could keep your phone charged for a week.

Have you ever fallen for a phone battery myth? Let us know in the comments!

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