Michael Jackson autographed jacket may fetch $80K on auction block

Prince’s guitar can fetch $80K on auction block

Martin Nolan of Julien’s Auctions, on iconic rock memorabilia on the auction block.

Some of the hottest rock memorabilia is hitting the auction block on Saturday, including pieces of history, including a jacket worn by Michael Jackson, and a guitar Prince played on stage. 

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“From [Prince's] 2004 Musicology tour, it’s a Taylor guitar, beautiful guitar, estimated 60 to 80 thousand,” executive director of Julien’s Auctions, Martin Nolan, told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday.  “We’ve sold a Prince guitar before for $720,000, which was a world record.”

An autographed jacket worn by Michael Jackson in 1996, when the King of Pop sang "Happy Birthday" to South African President Mandela, could fetch $80 thousand .  A “Flying V” Gibson guitar, signed by Jackson, and used in the video for the song “Scream” is also on the block.

Collectors can also get a hold of handwritten, signed lyrics from Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone.” Nolan said the 1965 originals were sold for $2 million.

“These are really excellent as well, we estimate 10 to 20 thousand, comes with a letter from Jeff Rosen, who was the manager, written in 2010,” Nolan added. “Like a Rolling Stone” was such a successful song, really transitioned Bob Dylan from a folk singer to the rock star we know today.”


A cardigan worn by Kurt Cobain could fetch $40 thousand. One of Cobain's handwritten set lists, written on a paper plate, is also up for grabs.


Meantime, a guitar designed and played by Eddie Van Halen could could be auctioned for $20 thousand.

“He’s one of the greatest guitar players of all time, such an amazing artist,”  Nolan said.  “[It’s] highly collectible, highly sought after, comes with a signature from Van Halen, [who] also wrote on the back of it where he performed in Houston in 2003.

A dress worn by Madonna is also expected to fetch up to $8 thousand.

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