Alastair Campbell DIDN’T vote Labour – for the first time in his life

Former Tony Blair advisor Alastair Campbell has revealed he did NOT vote Labour – for the first time in his life.

The ex-spin doctor has revealed he voted for the Liberal Democrats in the European elections instead.

The editor at the anti- Brexit New European said the party “failed to unite around” a policy on Brexit.

“I voted Liberal Democrat," he told BBC News Channel. “I didn’t vote Labour – for the first time in my life – and it was a very strange feeling.

“I just felt on this issue at this time the Labour Party has let its own supporters down, it’s let its members down and it’s let the country down.”


Campbell has been campaigning for the UK to stay within the EU, since the referendum result in 2016.

The Labour Party pledged to deliver Brexit after the vote, despite significant opposition within the party.

Campbell has been a central figure in the People's Vote movement, calling for a second vote on Brexit.

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