Boris hints at FINALLY backing May’s Brexit – otherwise ‘we will NOT LEAVE at all!’

The leading Brexiteer has been a severe critic of Mrs May’s deal, but fears Britain may never leave the European Union unless this agreement is passed. The former foreign secretary told The Telegraph’s ‘Boris on Brexit Live’ event in London: “If we vote it down again there is an appreciable and growing sense that we will not leave at all. That is the risk.” The backbench MP also voiced his concerns over the implications for the Tory party if they failed to deliver on the result of 2016 referendum.

Mr Johnson warned his fellow conservatives they will “reap the whirlwind” of betraying the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the bloc.

He insisted the Tory party will be “hammered at the polls” at the next general election.

He added: “We will be hammered at the polls. I cannot understand what we are thinking.

“It will be a huge disillusion with politics. I am very worried about people’s sense of alienation, disenchantment and anger.”

The former Mayor of London was speaking following a meeting with the Prime Minister and other senior Tory officials at Chequers, which he described as a “Mexican standoff”.

Although hinting he may support Mrs May in the next unscheduled ‘meaningful vote’, he did not hold back in his criticism of the deal the PM had agreed with Brussels in November.

When asked if Mrs May’s deal was worse than staying a member of the bloc, he said: “In some ways it is. Why would you get out of a club only to be run by that club’s members after you’ve left.

“I do find it deeply unattractive. The only hope is that somehow there could be a change of approach in the UK negotiating tactics. By agreeing the backstop you make it incredibly difficult for anybody to get out of that backstop.”

Instead Mr Johnson favours the approach of leaving the EU without a deal and on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms, he said: “I don’t agree with the philosophies of doom about a so called hard Brexit.”

On a hard Brexit, he added it is the “best way forward for our country and also the cheapest because you save tens of billions of pounds in your contributions”.

Mr Johnson also reminisced about Britain’s prosperity following the 2016 referendum, he said: “I wish we could remember our country is the fifth biggest economy on earth, the second biggest power in Nato. I wish we could tell them in Brussels we can’t accept the constitutional failure of that deal.

“If they are so foolish as to say no, I hope we can channel the spirit of Moses and Aaron in exodus and say to the pharaoh in Brussels let my people go.”

Mr Johnson also feared a second referendum is on the horizon, in the wake of MPs taking more control of the Brexit agenda after parliament approved an amendment put forward by Sir Oliver Letwin last night.

He said: “I do worry that there really is a move for a second referendum and I don’t think that is the right way forward. You have to deliver on the first result.”

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