Brexit LIVE: Warning issued as French could block UK exports from entering EU in no deal

That’s the fear of Chancellor Philip Hammond who said Britain will lose its say over what happens at the borders if no deal becomes a reality. The Chancellor of the Exchequer has provided £4.2billion for no deal Brexit preparations. But he believes no sum of money will fully prepare Britain for an exit scenario without an agreement in place. 

A no deal Brexit, he said, would see the UK losing control of what happens outside of its borders, with Britain no longer able to have a say regarding what happens, for example, in France’s Calais.

Asked if the UK can control Brexit, he told BBC Panorama: “We can’t because many of the levers are held by others – the EU 27 or private business.

“We can seek to persuade them but we can’t control it.

“For example, we can make sure that goods flow inwards through the port of Dover without any friction but we can’t control the outward flow into the port of Calais. 

“The French can dial that up or dial it down, just the same as the Spanish for years have dialled up or dialled down the length of the queues at the border going into Gibraltar.”

French officials have said last October they will ensure “fluidity” of trade even in a no deal scenario – rejecting suggestion they could resort to a “go-slow” policy to avoid chaos and queues between Dover and Calais.

Tory leadership hopefuls Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have both pledged to leave a no deal Brexit on the table and leave the EU on October 31 if unable to strike a new deal with Brussels.

But the European Council’s proposed candidate for President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has already suggested the withdrawal agreement signed by Theresa May and the EU in November last year won’t be reopened by the EU27.

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10.30am update: Gina Miller confronted on new anti-Brexit plot

Gina Miller recently wrote a letter to Boris Johnson which asked him to provide notice, should he become Prime Minister, if he plans to suspend Parliament and push through a no deal Brexit.

The businesswoman was confronted by Sky News presenter Niall Paterson over the letter, and questioned on whether it is another attempt to “thwart” Brexit.

Standing in for Sophy Ridge, Mr Paterson read out the letter to Mr Johnson from Ms Miller’s lawyers: “’We request that you undertake not to advise Her Majesty the Queen, should you become Prime Minister, to prorogue Parliament, without first providing 7 days’ notice to our client’.

“Don’t go and see the Queen if you are Prime Minister and prorogue Parliament. I mean, there will be people watching this this morning going ‘who on Earth do you think you are?’

“Writing a letter like that to the man who will most likely be the next Prime Minister.”

Ms Miller replied: “Each of us in a democracy, each of us have the right as a citizen to exercise our legitimate questions of the courts. And that’s what I did the first time.”

The Sky News host interjected: “It’s quite something to write a letter to a former Foreign Secretary and tell him ‘if you’re going to become Prime Minister, advise our client a week in advance before you go see the Queen’.”

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