Gutfeld on the French terror attack

Gutfeld on the French terror attack

The deadly terror attack in Strasbourg is a reminder to the modern world that as we move forward, there are still those who wish to take us back.

A fiend shot and killed at least two people in Northeastern France Tuesday night. He yelled "Allahu Akbar" while opening fire at a Christmas market. Wonder what he was trying to tell us.

The terrorist was known to authorities — 27 convictions, and currently wanted for other violent acts. Considered a threat to the state, he was still out and about and might already have fled the country.

As an American, the striking thing about this recent attack, is how rarely we hear about them, now. That's good.

But the venom of Islamic terror still exists — and injected into a bitter loser — culminates in mayhem. It's been so long since writing about this, I'm pretty rusty.

The fact that such evil can move freely is another reason why security is the backbone of freedom. And while you'll never be 100 percent safe — the only way to enjoy freedom is to understand the price it takes to maintain it.

A border, it's important but when someone born here is radicalized that's not enough. Solid walls keep bodies at bay but toxic ideas float happily over them. The terrorist was in prison. Prisons have walls and borders. But they only work if the dirtbag is still inside them.

So he was out and able to kill innocent people. Why? How is that possible?

France — a target of numerous attacks — still has trouble with priorities.

While America enjoys relative safety compared with the past — this is a reminder for the modern world: as we move forward, there are still those who wish to take us back.

Adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on “The Five” on December 12, 2018.

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