The race is on – again – as Congress’ freshmen battle for the best office

WASHINGTON – The size. The lighting. The proximity to Dunkin’ Donuts. 

The devil was in the details for Congress’ new freshmen, who – after months of campaigning and raising money, then days of orientation – had to rely on Lady Luck for their new House office space. 

One by one, new members were called up Friday to pick a white-and-black button out of a small mahogany box in the Rayburn House Office Building. The lighthearted lottery tradition gives all incoming lawmakers a fair chance of choosing an office. 

The buttons were numbered from 1 to 85. The lower the number picked, the better the chance of choosing prime space.

Colin Allred, a Democrat from Texas, was the first to pull a number. He pulled out No.  4.

“I used my lucky rock,” he said as he dug the stone from his left pants pocket. “This is like something to keep myself centered. It’s not really lucky. I decided it’s lucky. It worked today … Any office here will be better than my campaign office.”

There were some tense moments as members drew their buttons, wiping away the hopes of other waiting freshmen. Like coaches during an NFL draft, members furiously scribbled on lined notebooks. Several of them sighed.

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