Grand jury sees ways to reduce Pennsylvania's Medicaid fraud

Law enforcement agencies and government regulators need new tools to effectively combat fraud within Pennsylvania's $33 billion Medicaid program, according to a grand jury report released Monday. Community based health-service programs can be "easily manipulated to facilitate fraud" because they lack the supervision, training and oversight that exist in traditional residential health care facilities, the report made public by the […]

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3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Tax Refund

When the tedium of filing your tax return is finally over, usually you receive a refund with all the excess money the government collected beyond your actual tax liability. Many taxpayers look for opportunities to reduce their overall tax bill to get a larger refund check, and while there is some logic to this, there's also a big drawback. There […]

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Charlie Kirk: Five new ways the Democrats are 'out-crazying' each other

Dems swarm Palmetto State in early investment for first primary in South While candidates stumping for president spend considerable time in Iowa and New Hampshire, where voters first get a say on who will be president, a growing number of 2020 Democratic candidates are heading south, to the Deep South. As the race for the Democratic presidential nomination heats up, […]

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