3 ways for Elizabeth Warren or another Democratic president to ‘deal with’ Mitch McConnell

It’s on between former Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath and Republican Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.  McGrath, 44, may be the strongest candidate the Democrats could land for next year’s race against the Senate majority leader. But that doesn’t mean she’ll win. She lost a House race last year amid a blue wave, and now she’s taking on the Washington power broker most […]

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Smart ways to invest in gold

Gold in physical form is an illiquid investment Traditionally, families saved in gold by buying jewellery. But with high making charges, investing in jewellery is not the smart thing to do. Making charges, together with the price of the precious stones in the gold jewellery, eat into returns. Aside from all this, gold in physical form is an illiquid investment […]

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Grand jury sees ways to reduce Pennsylvania's Medicaid fraud

Law enforcement agencies and government regulators need new tools to effectively combat fraud within Pennsylvania's $33 billion Medicaid program, according to a grand jury report released Monday. Community based health-service programs can be "easily manipulated to facilitate fraud" because they lack the supervision, training and oversight that exist in traditional residential health care facilities, the report made public by the […]

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