Attorney seeks assault charges against Rams star Aaron Donald for alleged club incident

A 26-year-old man who said Los Angeles Rams star defensive lineman Aaron Donald assaulted him early Sunday in Pittsburgh filed a criminal complaint with Pittsburgh police, according to the man’s attorney and an Associated Press report.

De’Vincent Spriggs, 26, provided his account of the alleged attack during which he suffered 16 stiches to the head, a broken eye socket, a broken nose, a sprained or broken arm and a concussion during which he was assaulted by Donald and others, according to his attorney, Todd J. Hollis.

Hollis said it will be up to police to determine whether charges will be filed against Donald and others involved in the alleged incident.

Pittsburgh police confirmed to the Associated Press they were reviewing an assault complaint they received Wednesday. Police do not name suspects or the accused unless charges are filed. The department said it will consult with prosecutors who will decide if charges are warranted.

“This was an initial interview,’’ Hollis told USA TODAY  Sports. “I’m sure there’s more information to be gathered. I’m sure they’re going to want to see potential video information, speak to witnesses who were at the scene and then they’ll make a determination as to what charges, if any, they believe should be filed.’’

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