Best States for Dog Lovers

The phrase “it’s a dog’s life” referred to a hardscrabble existence. That’s because a dog’s life in older times was a life of subservience, of getting fed table scraps, living in harsh conditions, and being treated like, well, a dog.

Nowadays, a dog’s life is to be envied. We protect our animal best friends with strict abuse laws; give them more healthful food; they are accepted at more restaurants and hotels; they receive more services like grooming, training, and boarding; and they have access to more parks, hiking trails, and beaches.

Yet not all states are as accommodating to dogs as others. Animal-protection laws vary from state to state as is consideration in hotels and restaurants. Amenities for our four-legged friends are also more plentiful in some states than others.

24/7 Wall St. compiled a list of the best states for dog lovers, using data obtained from the Animal Legal Defense Fund as well as other sources such as animal advocacy groups BringFido and the American Kennel Club among others.

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