Covid-19 Summit To Consider Crucial Next Steps In Global Response

World leaders will gather virtually on Thursday for the Second Global Covid-19 Summit to consider crucial next steps in the global pandemic response.

The Covid Summit will be co-chaired by the United States as first Covid Summit Chair; Belize, as CARICOM Chair; Germany, holding the G7 Presidency; Indonesia, holding the G20 Presidency; and Senegal as African Union Chair.

The Summit will focus on four key objectives, according to the White House: focus on securing new resources and policy commitments to control the pandemic in 2022, vaccinating the World, protecting the most vulnerable and preventing future catastrophes.

U.S. President Joe Biden and fellow heads of state from the co-host nations will kick off the Summit with remarks on how fighting Covid-19 must remain an international priority. The Summit will then feature three sessions focused on getting shots in arms, expanding access to tests and treatments, and advancing health security and preventing future catastrophes.

Ahead of the Summit, the U.S. called on the leaders of governments, civil society, businesses, and philanthropies to make significant new commitments.

The United States so far has committed to sharing 1.2 billion doses of vaccines with the world. The U.S. has shipped more than 530 million doses of vaccine to 115 countries around the world for free.

The World Health Organization urged leaders to seize this opportunity to mobilize the funding and political will required to achieve global targets for Covid-19 vaccination coverage, testing rates and access to treatments, including oral antivirals and oxygen.

Recent WHO estimates show the death toll associated with COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021 was just under 15 million.

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