Customer leaves $1,400 tip at Estes Park bakery

Wednesday’s shift started like any other at Notchtop Bakery and Cafe in Estes Park, until one of their regulars, who is only referred to as “David,” walked in.

When David paid his bill, his server, Gloria Fuentes looked at the tip to find he left the staff $1,400.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw the bill. I was impressed. I was like ‘oh my God, am I dreaming or what’s going on?’” Fuentes said.

The bill came with instructions that the money was to be split evenly between the seven employees.

“In the morning, we were talking, like we need to make this money because we have to pay rent,” server Jayme Johnson said. “It’s $200 to me, but it’s also $200 for my husband. It’s also $200 for my daughters, for things that we needed to make it.”

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