Ethereum price prediction: Could Ethereum reach $3,000?

Ethereum: Cryptocurrency price figures spike overnight

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Ethereum has retained its place among established, high-value cryptocurrencies despite recent commotion around fringe tokens. Both Dogecoin and SafeMoon have started mooning in recent weeks, riding on a wave of popular support. Ether has made significant gains of its own and recently surged towards $3,000 (£2,160).

Could Ethereum reach $3,000?

Ethereum is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies on the market.

Over the last year, the coin has seen a growth burst, rising from roughly $250 (£180) to ten times that.

Yesterday, Ether swelled to $2,600 (£1,872) for the first time in its relatively short history.

But the gains were short-lived, as the latest estimations have the currency on $2,191 (£1,577).

The five days before its growth spurt were also categorised by general shrinkage.

On Saturday, April 17, Ether was once again tipped towards £2,500 but lost value to just over $2,000 by April 21.

Nevertheless, analysts remain confident Ether is still on its path to its next landmark.

They believe the coin’s impressive rallying cry over the last year can bring it to its next benchmark.

Writing on, financial analyst Crispus Nyaga said it was “easy to see” Ether’s downwards trend over the last week.

He correctly predicted the coin would “resume the upward trend” ahead of yesterday.

His longer-term prediction for the currency is that, eventually, it will reach $3,000.

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For some crypto experts, $3,000 is a modest prediction, given Ether’s recent performance.

The four-figure percentage rise led some to add another $7,000 (£5,041) to the $3,000 expectations.

Paddy Osborn, the London Academy of Trading’s Academic Dean, said Ether could brush the $10,000 (£7,201) mark.

And, he said, it could hit the landmark value within the year.

He told the uncapped supply of the “in vogue” currency would work in its favour.

However, the path isn’t as straight a line as some people might hope.

People can expect more of the same market turbulence for Ether going forward.

Mr Osborn told investors to stay vigilant of “sharp short-term pull-backs.”

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