FaceGym founder: Why you shouldn’t let perfection delay your product launch

When it comes to launching a consumer product, how do you know when it’s ready for release?

If the product is fully functional and suitable for the targeted consumer — it’s probably ready for launch. If it’s complete, but you’re obsessing over the most microscopic of details, perhaps it’s time to let go of those concerns and go for it.

That’s according to one health and wellness entrepreneur at the AllBright FoundHER festival in London this month.

FaceGym founder Inge Theron said she sympathized with any entrepreneur who can’t let go of their product prior to launch — and that she has grappled with the same issues.

“Right now, I’m launching my skincare product. I’ve been working on this one unique concept for so long, and it’s never perfect,” she said, adding that she’s heading to market whether the product gives “those ‘wow effects’ or not.”

“And (people are) going to come back to me saying ‘Add a bit more of this,’ and hopefully you guys (the consumers) will help me co-create, and I think that’s the real exciting area about the world we live in today.”

Speaking on a panel titled “Queen of the Regime: Master Your Routine”, Theron said that in the contemporary business world, companies can collaborate with their customers, receiving feedback to fine-tune their product.

“You’ve got a wide, open audience that will actually also share with you, build with you and then [evangelize] for you,” she said.

With the rise of social media and e-commerce, consumer reviews now reach companies in record time. Typically, these highlight any issues that need fixing or anything that is working well.

This gives companies the opportunity to further develop a product as consumers are using it.

“It’s fine. It’s good. Get it out. Go to market as fast as you can. It doesn’t have to be perfect,” Theron said, adding that someone will be “right behind you” to offer support.

“If it’s a great idea, make sure you get it out and then you can fine-tune. You’re going to learn so much when it’s out in market, and you’re going to get so much feedback with it.”

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