GM Delays Return-to-Office Plan After Employee Backlash

General Motors Co. has delayed its plan to require employees to return to office many days a week until next year, reports said citing an internal memo signed by CEO Mary Barra.

Last week, the company had announced that corporate workers would be required to return to respective offices at least three days a week, beginning later this year, as the COVID-19 pandemic eases. The company then called the changes an evolution of its current remote work policies that were put in place amid the severe spread of coronavirus pandemic.

However, following an employee backlash and confusion related to the planned changes, GM issued the latest memo rearranging the timing for return to office, but said it is still seeking a more regular, in-person presence.

The company has now delayed a change to its remote-work policies, and said no workers will be required to return to offices sooner than the first quarter of fiscal 2023.

In its latest message, GM clarified that it won’t be mandating particular in-office days and that individual teams can decide on that.

In April 2021, Barra had announced the automaker’s flexible work appropriately rules, which were described as flexible, evolving policy that would change depending on the employee, week and project.

In the new memo, the company said its plan was always, and still is, collaboratively design the solution that best balances the needs of the enterprise with the needs of each employees.

The memo read, “While we have maintained a highly collaborative culture over the past two years during a very challenging time, the intangible benefits of in person collaboration are going to be a critical success factor as we move into a period of rapid launches.”

GM now said it will share more information at the end of next month after continuing to listen to employee feedback over the next few weeks about the return-to-office plans.

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