Majority Of Americans Support Striking Writers & Actors Over Studios, Gallup Poll Finds

A new Gallup Poll released Wednesday finds an overwhelming majority of Americans support writers and actors over studios in the ongoing dual Hollywood strikes.

Gallup’s annual Work and Education poll, conducted August 1-23, found Americans sympathize more with television and film writers than with television and film production studios by a staggering 72% to 19%. Sympathy for television and film actors is nearly as high, at 67%, while 24% side with the studios.

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The poll results come on the 121st day of the strike for the WGA and the 48th day of the strike for actors. The results also come on a day that studio heads were to meet amid growing speculation of internal divisions within the C-suites and a lack of any apparent path forward to end both strikes. A meeting between the WGA and AMPTP on August 11 resulted in a counteroffer from the studios, which the Writers Guild said “is neither nothing, nor nearly enough.” The AMPTP said it is waiting the official response from the WGA to the August 11 offer. The guild says it made a counter on August 15 and that the ball is in the studios and streamers’ court. No new talks are scheduled.

SAG-AFTRA’s negotiating committee released a statement earlier this week, that the “negotiating team remains ready at a moment’s notice to go back to the bargaining table to secure a righteous deal. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen from the recent news out of the WGA negotiations, it appears the AMPTP is still unwilling to make the concessions necessary to make a fair deal that would bring the strikes to a close,” the statement said. 

Overall, the poll found labor unions are garnering strong support in the U.S., with 67% of Americans approving of them. That’s down slightly from 71% a year ago, but marks the fifth straight year the number has exceeded its long-term average of 62%.

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