McDonald's founder Ray Kroc's former California ranch on sale for $29 million—take a look inside

The California ranch once owned by McDonald's founder Ray Kroc that he turned into a corporate "think tank where Egg McMuffin, Chicken McNuggets and … McRibs were born," according to the Los Angeles Times, has been listed for $29 million.

Kroc and his then-wife, Jane, purchased the property in the Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara in 1966 for $600,000, according to listing agent Maurie Mcguire.

Kroc, who was the mastermind behind the McDonald's franchise, bought the property shortly after the company went public on April 21, 1965.

Kroc turned the ranch into a test kitchen and corporate retreat for McDonald's executives. It also served as headquarters for his charitable foundation, according to The Wall Street Journal. The property was later nicknamed "the J & R Double Arch Ranch."

After Kroc's death in 1984, his third wife, Joan Kroc, tried to donate the property to the Ronald McDonald House to develop a camp for children with cancer, but local residents fought the proposal, according to Mcguire.

In 1990, Joan sold the property to Gerald Kessler, founder of Nature's Plus vitamins, for $6 million. Kessler renamed it the "Circle K Ranch" and used it as a headquarters for his Human Potential Foundation (which, according to Curbed, aimed to "research herbs and wildlife bio-diversity with an aim toward preserving and fostering a healthy eco-system").

The property is currently being sold by Kessler's window, says McGuire.

The estate is made up of nine units, including multiple bunk houses, a conference hall, a library, a test kitchen and workout facility.

The largest building is the 17,000-square-foot lodge with more than 20 bedroom suites, 35 bathrooms, a commercial kitchen, a 100-person dining room and a 5,200-square-foot conference hall. The lodge can accommodate about 100 guests at at time, according to the listing.

The Knoll House, known as the "round house" held special events. Take a look inside.

It's main room has a grand central fireplace.

There is also a western style bar.

The private dining room has views of nature.

The conference room held executive meetings and trainings.

Knoll House housed a few guest suites as well.

Each suite has a private bathroom.

Outside the Knoll House is a small private pool.

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