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From MarketWatch:

Proposed changes to your 401(k) retirement plan could be promising — or not: Congress is looking for ways to help Americans save for retirement, including a bill that would alter the 401(k) and make multiple-employer plans open to all companies, regardless of affiliation (therefore allowing more small businesses to offer plans to their employees).

Why you need to take more risks, not less, after 50: Middle age is no reason or time to stop taking risks in your life, and could be one of the most thrilling experiences in life. One woman shares her story on what she’s done in her 50s to get out of her comfort zone, and why.

Maxing out your 401(k) might not be enough to have a secure retirement: 401(k) plans are great tools to save for retirement, but people shouldn’t get too confident by just having one. In order to really be prepared for retirement, whether that’s in a few years or in a few decades, employees with 401(k) plans should have a financial plan attached to understand how much they’re really saving, investing and ultimately getting down the road.

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