Newsom Announces $116M In CA Vaccination Incentive Payments, Including $15M Lottery Drawing

After weeks of announcing big-dollar public programs based on California’s record budget surplus, Governor Gavin Newsom announced the state is literally giving away money to those who have or will get vaccinated by June 15.

“This last week, those first doses are way down,” said the governor of Covid vaccinations across the state. His stated target by June 15 is “north of 70% of all eligible Californians.” That number approaches a target that’s been thrown around for herd immunity. He estimated that 12 million eligible Californians have not yet had a single dose of vaccine.

The governor announced “2 million incentive cards on a first-come first-served basis” that will be distributed to those newly vaccinated, starting today. “If you’re 12 years old or over, you can receive a $50 incentive card for Kroger’s Albertsons or, if you choose, Bank of America,” he continued. “It’s a digital card…and after the second dose, or your first dose of J&J, you’ll receive your money.”

Those who are ineligible include the incarcerated, non-residents and some in state offices, including the governor himself.

For those who have already helped with pandemic prevention and gotten vaccinated, the governor announced a series of lottery drawings.

“June 4th and June 11 State of California will be conducting a drawing. You’re all eligible [including those vaccinated between now and then]. We will be pulling the names of 15 individuals that will [each] receive $15k” on each date, said Newsom. On June 15, there will be another lottery with another 10 winners. “We will be distributing $15 million,” said the governor, equally among those 10 individuals.

“You don’t have to register,” said Newsom, noting that everyone vaccinated is gives their name and contact information. “We keep your name confidential,” he assured.

“Then we have more ideas coming after June 15, but we want to see how we do with this before June 15,” said the governor.

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