‘Star Trek’ Poised To Become New Marvel? CBS & Viacom Merger Brings Franchise Under One Fleet

The introduction of Spock last season on CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery may be the first in many final frontiers for the fabled franchise now that Paramount owner Viacom and CBS are about to hit the warp drive to corporate reunification.

Taking a page from the now Fox-expanded Disney book, new ViacomCBS kingpin Bob Bakish made very clear just now on today’s investor call, Star Trek and the Mission Impossible franchises have significant potential to leverage “across all the companies’ platforms.” Soon to be minted CBS CEO Joe Ianniello hit the drum hard himself when he added with an international angle that “scale is becoming more and more important all the time.”

With no lingering licensing barriers, the lucrative property created by Gene Roddenberry is now under one ownership for the first time since Star Trek: Enterprise came to an end in 2005. It was, of course, the next year that CBS and Viacom were split into two separate companies.

As CBS All Access heads towards launching the much hyped Star Trek: Picard next year with an animated series, shorts and a Michelle Yeoh Discovery spinoff coming down the line, Paramount properties of the first iteration characters like James T. Kirk could become integrated into one even bigger Trekverse.

It may not be Marvel yet but it certainly has the potential to rival the Disney-own comic giant with a legacy and currency that is almost as valuable – especially as part of Shari Redstone’s overall strategy is a great global footprint.

At this very early stage, we hear that any great Trek will fall under the fiefdom of the David Stapf-run CBS Studios – as we await who truly rules what and whether a fourth Star Trek movie in the latest reboot round is truly coming in an R-rated form from Quentin Tarantino or whoever.


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