Time to Wear Your Vitamins?

Devan Chemicals NV said it’s R-Vital Multivitamin fabric treatment now meets the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, and that it is designed as to address “preventative health” concerns as the pandemic continues to impact people around the world.

The Belgium-based company said this technology is part of its range of microencapsulated active ingredients “and consists of vitamin C, vitamin E and ginger.” Devan said as preventative health becomes a priority, the COVID-19 “pandemic has also caused people to think about how they can become more resilient and lead a healthy lifestyle.”

The company added that with vaccination campaigns “still ongoing, Devan’s treatment might be a valuable technology for those seeking to give that little extra support to their immune system in the meantime.”

While the clinical results of taking vitamins has shown conflicting results over the past two decades, preventative health experts generally recommend supplementing diet with vitamins. “A balanced immune system is crucial and depends on how healthy we are, both mentally and physically,” Devan said in a statement. “People seek out products to boost that immune system. Providing products and services which allow consumers to become healthier is key.”

Devan said the new multivitamin blend was first launched at Heimtextil in 2018 with active ingredients including Q10, thyme oil, aloe vera and others. “The fabric treatment is based on microencapsulation,” the company explained. “Active ingredients are encapsulated and applied to the fabric. The treated textiles touch our skin and the friction causes the microcapsules to break. Then, the active ingredients are absorbed by our skin.”

In the U.S., vitamin C and E are viewed by doctors and nutritionists as key to helping protect people from seasonal illness, such as those caused by viruses, according to the The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Devan said since rolling out its R-Vital, the company has continuously added new ingredients “such as CBD, avocado and echinacea.”

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