Town’s tires aren’t safe from Richard, an angry wild turkey

Springfield, MO — Vehicles approaching a stop sign are being confronted by a wild turkey in a Springfield, Missouri neighborhood. It pecks their bumpers, puffs up its feathers, pokes its beak above the hood and gobbles at drivers.

One driver exits his vehicle, expands his jacket and tries to run the turkey off. 

This neighborhood appears to be the turkey’s territory, and he wants to make sure you know it.

Morgan Kyle said the feathered fowl first appeared this past summer near her home off South Harvard Avenue in Springfield.

“He just showed up to our house and he would come back every single day,” Kyle said.

The family started calling the turkey Richard, Kyle said.

“It’s just very fitting for him,” Kyle said. “It sounds cool to yell when you’re frustrated, like ‘Oh, Richard!’”

For about a month or two, Richard disappeared, Kyle said.

“We thought maybe, like, Thanksgiving, you know, he got shot or something,” Kyle said. “But, he came back and he’s back to being here more consistently.”

Kyle began video recording her encounters with the bird about a month ago and posted them on social media. She started the hashtag #RichardDiaries to keep track of her posts.

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