US Reports Second-Highest Number Of Daily COVID-19 Cases On Election Day

The U.S. reported second-highest daily number of coronavirus cases on Election Day, as health experts warn that it would become worse as winter nears.

91,530 new coronavirus cases were reported in the U.S. in past 24 hours, the country’s second highest daily total, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. Deaths crossed the 1,000 mark again, with new deaths of 1,130. Texas reported the highest number of new cases in the past 24 hours of 7,999, Illinois 6,516, Wisconsin 5,771, California 4,990 and Florida 4,637.

The coronavirus outbreak in US will worsen with the country expected to record over 1,000 Covid-19 deaths per day for a “sustained period of time,” former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said Tuesday on CNBC.

“We’re probably going to see significant spread across the entire United States in a confluent epidemic that we’re much better prepared to deal with, so I don’t think that we’re going to see the excess death that we saw with the first wave of this pandemic when it struck New York,” he said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has so far infected over 9.43 million people in the country and has taken the live of about 233 thousand people. Globally, coronavirus cases topped 47.7 million and have killed at least 1.22 million people.

More than 47 states are reporting an increase in Covid-19 cases and over 50,000 people have been hospitalized across the US, according to Covid Tracking Project. More than 10,000 patients are in ICU, while about 2,700 are in ventilator.

The seven-day average for new coronavirus cases in the U.S. has reached a new high of 85,481. This figure has doubled in one month’s time.

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