'We can't afford to have any more children' – says Dublin mum-of-one

AISLING Foley (33), who lives in Kinsealy in north Dublin with her fiancé and daughter Grace, said that the Budget didn’t provide for the working family.

She said that while their income is good, all their money goes on the mortgage, insurance payments or crèche for their daughter.

“There really wasn’t much there for somebody who has a family or who is paying for childcare,” she said.

“The Budget is very focused on Brexit and the general election – but when will it be back to focusing on the average person?”

Ms Foley works as a hairdresser and her fiancé is an electrician.

Their daughter Grace (3) currently attends community crèche in the area, which is cheaper than private crèches at a cost of €130 a week for the full-time, all-year-round service.

However, Ms Foley said that the payments of €520 a month are close to mortgage costs.

“We pay over €500 which is still a lot of money and we both work very hard,” she said.

“We have good wages but it all goes on bills.”


Due to high costs of childcare, she said that herself and her fiancé cannot afford to have another child.

“We physically couldn’t afford to have any more kids,” she said.

“If we were to have more children, I’d have to give up work.”

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