Build-a-Bear CEO apologizes for ‘Pay Your Age’ disaster

The CEO of Build-A-Bear Workshop is now bearing the brunt of Thursday’s disastrous, international “Pay Your Age Day” promotion.

Chief executive Sharon Price John apologized Friday for the ill-planned sales event, which drew massive crowds to stores throughout the US, Canada and the UK — resulting in countless thousands of parents and tots being sent home empty-handed after day-long waits.

“I am sorry that we were not able to provide the service that we wanted,” Price John said in a “Today” show interview.

“We are doing our very best and we are staying very focused on making sure that we do the best we can to make it right for people.”

The promotion resulted in long lines, sobbing tykes and occasional violence, and had to be cut short due to store shortages and concerns over customer safety.

Customers were promised that the minimum price for a basic bear would be $1 — if the bear was bought for a baby or 1-year-old. The maximum price for a bear would be $29.

Bears normally start at around $15 to $20, though with add-ons the price can rise above $50.

The company is offering vouchers as compensation.

“There was no way for us to have estimated the kind of impact, those kind of crowds,” the CEO claimed of the promotion, which had been heavily advertised in advance.

“It far surpassed anything we ever could’ve known.”

Still, many stiffed parents continued to harbor less-than-warm-and-fuzzy feelings for the company Friday.

“This still DOES NOT rectify this experience,” complained Shannon McKinney, @Shannon32813.

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