ClassPass co-founder Mary Biggins expanding MealPal to more global markets

MealPal expands into Asia despite trade concerns

MealPal Founder Mary Biggins discusses how her company launched in Singapore and why she isn’t concerned about President Trump’s trade disputes.

Mary Biggins, the co-founder of ClassPass, is looking to fundamentally empower people to “eat intelligently” by expanding her new takeout app MealPal to Singapore.

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“We are really focused on building a global business,” Biggins said during a First on FOX Business interview with Liz Claman on Tuesday.

MealPal is a global meal subscription service where you can order lunch from over 4,000 different restaurants for as little as $6.

Biggins said MealPal is an affordable discounted lunch that is especially suitable for consumers and participating restaurants who may be facing economic uncertainty due to trade talks.

“If things do go poorly in the economy, it’s actually going to make the value proposition for MealPal even stronger,” she said on “Countdown to the Closing Bell.”

Founded in 2016, MealPal has opened in 16 other markets across the U.S., Europe and Australia before launching in Asia.


“We are really focused on markets that have great restaurants, great food and a high density of people during the day that are going to need a great lunch,” Biggins said.

Biggins’ thriving business acumen is showcased through the launch of the popular workout app ClassPass that matches customers with open spots at the hottest dance, spin and yoga classes in your area for a monthly fee.

“You just have to have a lot of hustle. There is certainly nothing easy in starting a business and there is going to be lots of highs and lots of lows,” she said.

For entrepreneurs who are considering starting a business, Biggins said finding the right balance in a two-sided marketplace between the supply side and the consumer will help reduce any potential pitfalls.

“I think constantly thinking about those priorities and how you balance it is a real challenge,” she said.

Biggins said the best commodity of any successful business is the talent you hire, and MealPal continues to offer positions in a variety of roles around the world.

“We are hiring for people who want to help change how people eat,” she said.

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