Kissinger talks Putin, Trump, AI and more over lunch with the FT

Henry Kissinger, the former secretary of state and national-security adviser under Presidents Nixon and Ford, sat down to lunch with the Financial Times and, over the course of two hours (and three courses), offered his unique perspectives on the “special” U.S.-U.K. relationship, on artificial intelligence, on President Donald Trump’s meeting in Helsinki with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, on the late Zbigniew Brzezinski, and on one of his most famous utterances.

Here’s the Bavaria-born Realpolitiker on power, which, in the 1970s, he called the ultimate aphrodisiac but at 95 puts a more prosaic spin on:

Of the Helsinki summit, which he said he favored in principle, Kissinger said this:

And on Trump himself:

On NATO, particularly vis-à-vis Russia, in its Putin era:

On Putin:

On Brzezinski, national-security adviser to Jimmy Carter, who died this year at 89:

On artificial intelligence, a topic on which he has advocated the creation of a presidential commission:

And on the so-called special relationship:

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