Audi: U.S., Canada approve diesel-car remedies

German premium car maker Audi AG (NSU.XE) said Tuesday that authorities in Canada and the U.S. have approved proposed remedies for the last of its diesel cars affected by the emissions scandal.

The approval comes almost three years after Audi parent Volkswagen AG (VOW.XE) admitted to having outfitted millions of vehicles world-wide to dodge emissions testing.

"The responsible approval authorities have now cleared the proposed package of measures for the last of five engine generations," Audi said.

Audi said it can now offer a solution for all affected cars in North America and can start implementing measures for the remaining 8,800 or so affected diesel cars in North America.

Around 62% of its U.S. customers with affected vehicles have taken up an offer to remedy the manipulated engines and 42% of Canadian clients have done so, Audi said.

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