McDonald’s plans to serve rice in south, west India

‘Consumers want more options in lunch and dinner meals’

American food major McDonald’s has announced plans to serve rice menu at its outlets in southern and western India. The company has introduced two variants — Spicy Rice and Cheesy Rice — starting at ₹129 a bowl.

McDonald’s will continue to build a rice platform, bringing out a bouquet of rice offerings over time, the company said in a statement.

Common staple

“The consumer insights showed that consumers want a familiar and a filling meal especially during lunch and dinner. Rice is a common staple for people across the country and fits in very well as a meal option after bread and naan,” the company said in a statement.

Each portion of the rice meal consists of three substantial layers of basmati rice, bulgur (Dalia/ Lapsi) and whole wheat with veggies such as carrots, onions, zucchini, peas and corn tossed in a scrumptious tomato and beans and cheese gravy.

“Our consumer research showed that consumers want to have more options during lunch and dinner dayparts and there could not be a better option than offering them rice meals,” said Smita Jatia, MD, Hardcastle Restaurants, which owns and operates the McDonald’s chain of restaurants in west and south India.

Rice meals are also available in non-vegetarian options.

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