Climate activists splash black dye on Bank of England

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LONDON (Reuters) – Climate activists in London splashed black dye on the front of the Bank of England on Thursday as part of a protest, a Reuters photographer at the scene said.

Activists, some dressed as jesters, hurled the dye at the imposing neo-classical building, known as “the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street” as they demonstrated against the finance sector’s support of what they say is a climate catastrophe.

“This bank is killing us,” read a banner held up by one protester. “No more fossil fuels,” read another.

“The action today is part of a wave of actions by XR’s Money Rebellion designed to expose the role of banks in the climate and ecological crisis,” Extinction Rebellion said.

Two people were arrested by police.

“It is not okay that the Bank of England can distribute money to companies that are destroying our planet whilst millions face the destruction of their future because of their actions,” said activist Amelia Halls, 22.

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