U.S. Senate inches toward passing $1 trillion infrastructure bill

The U.S. Capitol building is pictured in Washington, U.S., August 8, 2021. REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Senate moved a step closer on Sunday to passing a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill by giving its blessing to the details of the largest U.S. investment in roads and bridges in decades.

In a 69-28 vote, the Senate moved to support the provisions of a compromise that was the result of painstaking talks by a group of Republicans and Democrats.

The Senate was also expected to vote to limit debate on the overall bill, which, if approved, could put it on track for a vote on passage sometime Monday or Tuesday, and, in turn, send it to the House of Representatives.

The legislation here is a top priority for Democratic President Joe Biden. Its passage, which remains likely after a large majority has repeatedly voted to advance it, would be a major victory for him and the bipartisan lawmakers who crafted it.

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