‘Align with facts!’ Starmer skewered over ‘Labour’s anti-Brexit propaganda’ on UK economy

Boris Johnson ‘has got no answers’ says Starmer

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The leader of the Opposition has worked to create the impression a Government under his control would not seek to move the country back into the European Union. But Labour now stands accused of “pumping out” attacks against the Tory party, “plenty” of which have related to our withdrawal from the Brussels bloc.

Politics blog Guido Fawkes said the party had suggested in posts on social media that “Brexit is somehow to blame for inflation, particularly on rising food prices”.

In one post, Labour’s official Twitter page said: “UK inflation just hit a 40 year high and working families and pensioners are paying the price.”

A graph alongside this showed the UK’s level of inflation above that of the other G7 countries, some of which are in the EU.

The word “Brexit” cannot easily be found on the party’s official page, though one user, among many, insisted “Brexit inflation [is] clearly displayed on this graph”.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen insisted its inflation messaging amounted to nothing more than spin.

He wrote in a post on Twitter: “Once again Labour’s anti-Brexit propaganda does not align with the facts.

“UK inflation is lower than the EU and the Euro area.”

The Consumer Price Index (a measure of inflation) hit 6.7 percent in the UK in April.

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This compared to 8.7 percent for the eurozone and 8.9 percent for the EU.

Labour’s current position on Brexit appears to boil down primarily to three words: “Make Brexit work.”

These appeared far down in an interview with the Labour leader published in the Guardian in January.

Sir Keir insisted it would be wrong to “reopen old wounds” and that Labour would, instead, focus on making the most of the benefits of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

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He even rules out the possibility of returning to the Single Market or Customs Union.

But there appears still to be some confusion on the streets and in the pubs on the party’s official position, and the extent to which this would be carried out were it to win a general election.

Craig, a furniture seller in Stoke, told Express.co.uk earlier this month he was not convinced the party would pursue Brexit’s bonuses, noting: “I think they are like the Liberal Democrats.”

Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib also claimed earlier this year that if Sir Keir did get his hands on power, he would abandon his pro-Brexit stance and push instead for ‘Rejoin’.

Mr Habib told Express.co.uk: “Labour is still in a mess on Brexit. Sir Keir Starmer is suggested that if he wins the next election we will align ourselves more closely with EU regulation as opposed to taking us back in.

“This is their backdoor way to staying close to the EU and being ready to jump back in the opportunity arises.”

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