Andrew Griffiths’ lewd text message demands to two barmaids revealed

Stunned barmaid Imogen ­Treharne tonight told how mucky minister Andrew Griffiths ­bombarded her with lewd messages demanding sex, sex and more sex.

The married Tory – who has owned up to his behaviour and resigned his post – referred to Imogen and a friend as the “ti**y twins” and suggested a string of depraved acts.

He sent 2,000 texts over three weeks after becoming pals on social media.

But what started as harmless flirting rapidly turned into a barrage of perverted demands.

The MP sent the girls money in return for X-rated pictures and videos.

He asked them to tie each other up and boasted: “I can be an evil ******* when I’m turned on.”

Imogen, 28, tonight told the Sunday Mirror: “I wanted him to be a nice guy, but by the end I felt dirty. I felt like I was being used for this wealthy man’s gratification.”

Imogen revealed how Griffiths boasted he had beaten women during sex sessions, asked her to beat her friend for his pleasure and paid them more than £700 – asking for nude pictures and videos in return. Imogen said: “Nobody has ever sent me that many texts in the space of three weeks. Nobody I’ve not met in real life. I had to put my phone on its airplane mode because of it.

“It was draining my battery. It was shocking – I wondered how he was able to send so many messages? Where was he, how did he have the freedom to do it constantly? It was as soon as he woke up and as soon as he went to bed. How did he have time to do any work?”

Imogen admitted she and her friend sent 47-year-old Mr Griffiths explicit videos and accepted his money – but became turned off by his behaviour and hypocrisy. Mr Griffiths – chief of staff to PM Theresa May when the Tories were in opposition – helped set up the Women2Win group which campaigned for more female MPs.

Imogen went on: “He’s an interesting, smart guy and I tried to engage in conversation about his work.

“But he’d say he found it boring and move it on to something else. He didn’t want to speak to me about anything other than sex.”

His contact with Imogen and her friend – who we are not naming – began one hour after she posted a “racy” video on Snapchat at 7pm on June 16. He had been following the two women on Snapchat and ­Facebook for six months after seeing Imogen’s friend at work while out in his constituency.

Instagram allows users to see who has been viewing their videos. It showed Griffiths was among the two girls’ biggest “fans” – watching them over and over again in the months before he made contact.

Griffiths – whose wife Kate, 47, had their first child in April –said he wanted to use WhatsApp because he could keep her pictures to look at later. He then discussed a threesome with Imogen’s friend.

A group chat was set up on the ­Facebook Messenger service. Between the various platforms he sent more than 2,000 messages.

He arranged the transfer of six payments totalling £717 to an account used by Imogen’s friend. In return he asked for them to send him images and videos.

On June 17 – the day after he first contacted Imogen – Mr ­Griffiths made reference to the fact it was Father’s Day, adding: “Daddy’s get treats. Do you think Daddy deserves a treat?”

Daddy is a term used in bondage relationships. On the same day he appeared on a BBC political show. At 4.24pm he tweeted a message to followers thanking the NHS for the care they gave his daughter.

But at the same time he was messaging Imogen, asking if she was into “older men”.

Then, at 4.30pm, he said his Father’s Day was going “perfectly”, before adding: “I just wish my little girl was sat on my knee. With those big t*ts in my face.”

At 1am on June 22 Mr ­Griffiths boasted he had hosted a dinner for terminally ill children with TV celebrity Katie Price and the charity Ray of Sunshine. He said: “She looks ridiculous. New facelift. Looks like a cat. But we raised £200k for terminal kids.”

On June 23, Mr Griffiths offered to rent an apartment so he could meet the girls for sex. And on June 24 he fantasised about violent sex with the girls, offering to buy matching outfits and to take them lingerie shopping.

He said: “Daddy doesn’t know the prices of dresses and panties so why don’t you suggest a budget?”

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The visit never took place, but the next day, amid more explicit messages, he said: “Daddy has been up making speeches and running the country. But what he really wants to be doing is ******* naughty girls’ *******.”

The following day, on June 28, Burton and Uttoxeter MP Mr Griffiths sent a selfie from outside Buckingham Palace during a visit to meet Prince Charles. He also uploaded a picture of an area of the Palace not open to the public that day and told the girls: “Sadly the Queen is ill”, before adding “I think the Queen is fine, just under the weather.”

One of the MP’s payments was for Imogen to buy a dress. But he wrote: “Take off the bra & panties and I will transfer. You’ve got Daddy in such a frenzy. If you look pretty in it , I want you to wear it often. I like you to turn heads.

“Make the vid and pics naughty and you can have your dress.”

On July 6, Imogen and her friend finally cut ties. Imogen said: “I cut it off because it was vulgar. It was affecting my moods in real life. It affected my self confidence, how he spoke to me. It was constant. It was pestering, it was bordering on possessive.

“I knew I was being watched – anything I put online, every picture. Other people watched them and moved on, there was no problem.

“He wanted control of everything, and I worried it was going to move into real life. He was responding to every post.”

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