Argentina warned over ‘second Falklands invasion’ with stark 10-point reminder

The Argentine government has received a stern Falklands Day warning from a defence expert highlighting Britain’s military might.

The island celebrates its national day on August 14, with British Government officials taking to social media to recognise the occasion.

While they have confidently asserted their allegiance to Falklands locals, the day comes tinged with uncertainty as a far-right presidential candidate takes the lead in the country’s national polls.

Javier Milei has indicated he is interested in diplomacy and would have the island returned to Argentina if locals willed it.

But that hasn’t stopped one military expert from pre-emptively warning any Argentine officials who would consider forcibly resorbing the Falklands about the kind of armed opposition they could face.

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Defence industry analyst and consultant Nicholas Drummond highlighted the British Army’s capabilities on X – the social networking site formerly known as Twitter – following a post by foreign secretary James Cleverly.

Mr Cleverly celebrated Falklands Day by confidently declaring the islands “British”, and stating the UK will “always defend the Islanders’ right to decide their own future”.

Mr Drummond responded by outlining 10 reasons why Britain would have no trouble defending the islands should push ever come to shove, with state-of-the-art units already stationed there.

His first point highlighted the two “proper” British aircraft stationed on Falklands territories alongside more than 36 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets.

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The analyst, who acts as an industry analyst for defence firms KNDS Germany and FN Herstal, gave the following summary in nine more points on X:

– We have six state-of-the-art air defence Destroyers and a larger number of Frigates

– Our Astute Class attack submarines would obliterate any attempt to attack by sea or resupply a deployed force

– Three Commando Brigade and 16 Air Assault Brigade are still highly capable and held in high readiness; they are also much better equipped than they were in 1982

– We have two further light infantry brigades and a large number of BVS10 Vikings which we didn’t have last time

– We have Apache gunships as well as a large number of other Merlin and Puma helicopters

– Our Special Forces units are bigger in size and better equipped

– Our Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence capabilities would prevent effective Argentine command and control

– Our 105mm light guns still work very well and our Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System artillery would be very uncomfortable for exposed troops on the hills

– Our Starstreak High-Velocity Missile, Light Mortar Munitions and Sky Sabre air defence systems are a quantum leap above anything similar we had in 1982.

Mr Drummond concluded with a warning to any government challenging British ownership of the island.

He wrote: “Above all, if you think we’d let you get away with another attempt to seize the islands by force after what Russia has done to Ukraine, you are very much mistaken.

“You would suffer heavy casualties and if you subsequently wanted to review your Chinese-equipped air force you would need to buy a fleet of glass-bottom boats.”

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