Biden Plans First-Day Moves to Roll Back Trump Policies: NYT

President-elect Joe Biden will issue a flurry of executive orders on his first day in office to start reversing some of President Donald Trump’s most contentious policies, the New York Times reported.

The initial orders are expected to include a reversal of Trump’s travel ban on several Muslim-majority countries, and rejoining the Paris climate pact.

The Times reported that the initial orders were laid out in a memo circulated by Ron Klain, Biden’s incoming chief of staff.

Some orders will be aimed at controlling the coronavirus pandemic or blunting its economic impact, including extending pandemic-related limits on evictions and student loan payments, the newspaper reported. A mask mandate for federal property is also likely.

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Biden has pledged to take action on “Day One” of his administration to address a range of campaign promises, including on climate change, immigration and taxes.

Typically “Day One” is more a rhetorical concept for any new administration, with actions often rolled out over days, weeks or longer.

And only some of Biden’s campaign promises can be achieved via executive order. Some will be dependent on the levers of the federal government; others, notably the plan for a $1.9 trillion coronaviruseconomic relief package, will be up to Congress to enact.

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