Biden Team to Meet With Congressional Panels on Transition

Members of Joe Biden’s transition team will meet with congressional committees soon to gain more information about critical issues as President Donald Trump continues to block the president-elect’s efforts to build an administration, two people familiar with the meetings said.

Because the General Services Administration has not ascertained the results of the election, Biden advisers are unable to officially communicate with federal agencies and the president-elect is unable to receive national security briefings.

The meetings with committees, which were first reported by the Wall Street Journal, is one of the ways the Biden team is working around the Trump administration. Biden advisers have also been in contact with state and local leaders and private companies.

A House Democratic aide said that Biden’s transition aides will meet with staff from the House Appropriations Committee, which deals with all federal agenices and their budgets.

Biden’s transition team assembled agency review teams, made up of more than 500 people, who are charged with contacting federal agencies to better understand their policies and operations, but those efforts cannot begin until the GSA officially designates that the transfer of power from the Trump administration to a Biden one can begin.

Biden advisers have warned of serious consequences if the Trump administration continues to deny access to the federal government, especially real-time data about the coronavirus pandemic and plans for distributing a vaccine.

— With assistance by Erik Wasson, and Jennifer Epstein

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