Bitter Remoaner claims ‘Boris hates Treasury’ as he brands Brexit ‘significant mistake’

Nigel Farage slams ‘the biggest Brexit betrayal’

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The head of NatWest bank claimed Brexit was a big “mistake” as he blasted the Prime Minister in a bitter attack. Sir Howard argued Mr Johnson “hated the Treasury” led by Rishi Sunak as the department is packed with pro-Remain Tory figures.

Speaking to the Observer, he said: “This prime minister hated the Treasury partly because of its pro-EU views, or perceived pro-EU views, and role in the referendum. But when he got himself in a hole, who else but the Treasury could bail him out?”

Asked about his views on Brexit, he added: “I am quite pessimistic actually. Brexit was a significant mistake.

“You don’t solve the problems of the left-behind by damaging the one area of the country that’s been writing the cheques.

“London is paying large amounts of tax and will be damaged by Brexit over time.

“I worry about political polarisation. The same thing is happening in France [Davies teaches in Paris] and in the US. It is possibly less bad here than in the US or France, but I sense a kind of bitterness in public life which doesn’t create a good environment for rational solutions to problems.”

The bitter attack on the Prime Minister comes as the UK is still locking horns with the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

On Wednesday, Ireland’s foreign affairs minister accused the British Government of pushing a “disingenuous” and “dangerous” claim that the Northern Ireland Protocol is incompatible with the Good Friday Agreement.

Simon Coveney told the Irish parliament it is “deeply disappointing” that the Westminster Government plans to move forward with legislation to unilaterally override parts of the protocol.

He said that is against the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement, which has embedded Northern Ireland’s peace process.

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The Fine Gael minister said: “The British Government now claim that implementing the protocol, that we agreed together, is incompatible with the Good Friday Agreement.

“This is disingenuous and it’s dangerous. I find it deeply disappointing that the British Government has said it intends to table legislation in the coming weeks that will unilaterally disapply elements of the protocol, which is now international law.

“This action is contrary to the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement, where genuine trust and partnership between both governments have time and time again proved crucial to share progress.

“As the protocol is an integral part of an international agreement, such action would amount to a serious violation of international law also.

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“I’ve urged the British Government to reconsider, to weigh the risks that would flow from unilateral action, and to step back from this course of action as they have done previously.

“Unilateral action is contrary to the wishes of the majority of people and businesses in Northern Ireland.”

In a message to the unionist community, Mr Coveney said the EU has “consistently negotiated” with the British Government to address genuine concerns, and the ball is now in the UK’s court.

Last week, UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss announced an intention to table legislation at Westminster that would override parts of the protocol without the approval of the EU.

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