Boris Johnson approval rating: Shock figures show PM is facing toughest challenge yet

Andrea Leadsom clashes with Dr Shola over Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson fumbled through his latest speech to business leaders and has been widely criticised for the performance. Members of the public and MPs have been quick to criticise him with accusations being levied suggesting he is not up to the task of running the country. Downing Street has denied these accusations and maintained he is focused on leading the UK. evaluates the latest poll and examines why the PM is facing an uphill battle to get back on top.


The latest polling from YouGov revealed just 29 percent of respondents believe he is doing well as PM.

This is a record low since he began his tenure as the leader of the country.

On the flip side, as of November 22, 64 percent of the more than 1,600 Great British adults polled, believe he is doing badly in his role.

His approval rating has been slipping consistently since hitting 48 percent in May – this was the last time when Mr Johnson’s approval outweighed his disapproval.

In another YouGov poll, questioning if the Conservative Party is united or divided, the majority (57 percent) of those polled said the party was divided.

This is a sharp increase from the latest figures – but is not beyond the highest recorded, which was 80 percent in September 2019, shortly after Mr Johnson took over office from Theresa May.

In the poll, valid up to November 22, 16 percent of the 1,626 to 1,804 respondents said they believe the Tory Party is united.

This left 27 percent saying they did not know if the party was united or divided.

Boris Johnson has maintained a consistently high level of popularity throughout his tenure as prime minister.

However, since the Owen Paterson row and resulting second jobs scandal, the PM has been hit by a significant slump in the polls.

Now many are questioning whether Mr Johnson is well enough to run the country, after he delivered a frankly bizarre – and at times chaotic speech – to business leaders in the North East of England.

During the CBI address, the Prime Minister lost his place for about 30 seconds, referenced the children’s cartoon character Peppa Pig, and imitated a petrol car.

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The Labour Party described the speech as “shambolic”.

An MP told the FT: “Bojo has lost his mojo.

“There’s a mixture of anger and despair but the real frustration is with the [No. 10] operation, it’s amateurish.”

When asked about his performance in his recent CBI address, Mr Johnson said: “I think the people got the vast majority of the points I wanted to make and I thought it went over well.”

However, many people on social media were quick to criticise Mr Johnson’s performance, questioning his wellbeing in the face of the speech.

Twitter use @mobo40 wrote: “I managed to catch up on Boris Johnson’s CBI speech – my goodness it was poor! Beyond making a joke or adding emojis”.

Another user, @Eldever1 added: “Boris Johnson gives a speech to the CBI, loses his place in the script and starts talking about Peppa Pig World instead. Can this get any more ridiculous? Parliament may as well be renamed Peppa Pig World for all the sense that comes out of there.”

Dominic Dyer tweeted: “could have given a better speech to the CBI in my sleep than the shambolic train wreck Boris Johnson came up with today. Is he exhausted, hungover, unwell or had he just given up caring anyone more.”

It is not only members of the public who have lost faith in the Conservative Party leader – several Tory MPs have also been quick to express their concerns Mr Johnson has lost his “grip”.

These Tories, including one whip, have reportedly submitted letters of no confidence in Mr Johnson.

However, Downing Street has been quick to deny the PM has lost his “grip” on the country and his party, with his spokesperson saying he was “very much focused on delivering for the public”.

One Tory whip told The Telegraph it was now an “assumption” that some disgruntled MPs had submitted no-confidence letters to the 1922 committee.

The Conservative Whip told the publication: “There is an assumption someone has put in a letter. The rumour is persistently around.

“It will not get anywhere near the 50 letters you would need, but it does cause angst.”

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