Boris Johnson fell asleep in Barbie but insists message is ‘have more babies’

Jacob Rees-Mogg says we need to have more babies

Boris Johnson has claimed that the “secret message” of the new Barbie film which is currently breaking box office records is that “we need to have more babies.”

The former Prime Minister made his claim in his latest column for the Daily Mail in a piece which appeared on the surface to be disconnected from normal politics.

Mr Johnson admitted to falling asleep during the movie which he went to see with his children but somehow discerned a new meaning which everyone else had missed from the film.

The piece – which had its own mini-dictionary at the end to explain the words he used – caused some amusement among followers of Mr Johnson who has infamously avoided saying how many children he has in interviews.

He has nine children – three with his current wife Carrie and six with his former Marina.

In fact the last time Mr Johnson discussed the subject of babies with a fellow blonde was when he and Carrie announced their birth of their third child Frank this month.

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Barbie, starring Margot Robbie as the doll and Ryan Gosling as Ken, depicts a world with a terrible problem, Mr Johnson noted.

He writes: “In Barbie world, epicene men with peroxide hair prance around in fake fur coats and admire the Barbie girls, but have no idea what to do next.

“There is no real romance because — as Stereo­typical Barbie puts it bluntly — neither she nor Ken have genital organs.

“Therefore, this world has children, but no babies. It is a parable about the destiny of humanity.”

He noted that for the first time China and Japan have declining populations because of a lack of babies and that this is part of a worldwide problem.

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He highlighted native population decline in Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Russia. Mr Johnson also pointed out that where there is growth – in the US and UK – it is “mainly a function of immigration”.

The former PM added that to keep plastering over population decline with immigration would not be conducive to Barbie doll makers Mattel’s profits.

“What does Mattel want? What do you want if you make little pink plastic homunculi and their associated merchandise?

“You want lots more little babies who will soon turn into doll-demanding kiddies. Mattel wants human reproduction!

“And what do you want, if you are a Hollywood studio? You want bums on seats. You want young kids going to see it and loving it — and passively absorbing its ­philoprogenitive message.”

He added that movie’s ending confirms his theory, calling the film a “satire on the tragic plastic sterility of Barbie the doll”.

Mr Johnson went on to compare what he says is the key takeaway from the film to a speech made by the charismatic pioneer of fascism, Mussolini.

By coincidence Mr Johnson’s message reflected the monologue of his friend and political ally Jacob Rees-Mogg on his GB News show last night (above).

Mr Rees-Mogg, who has six children, said that climate change fearmongering is “creating a greater danger in itsel that of a declining population.”

He pointed out that only half of millenials and generation Z plan to have a family and that the UK birthrate of 1.56 is “significantly below the replacement rate”.

He said: “This is a real crisis and not one that is invented.

“With a lack of children the population shrinks and ages, which means the number of retired people is supported by less tax payers.”

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