Brexit fishing fury: Boris warned fishing compromise is step to forfeiting UK sovereignty

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Sociology professor Frank Furedi argued that there is a key reason fishing has remained integral in the Brexit trade deal debate. While speaking to Martin Daubney and Belinda de Lucy on Brexit Unlocked, Professor Furedi argued that fishing and the wellbeing of fishing communities was symbolic. He said fishing rights symbolised the UK’s ability and determination to defend its waters and resources.

He also warned that by signing away a part of this in a Brexit trade deal would be the beginning of signing away other sovereign issues.

Professor Furedi said: “Well, I know next to nothing about fishing but what I do know is that the whole Brexit issue on fishing isn’t just simply about the coastal communities.

“Fishing and the coastal communities are symbolic of sovereignty.

“There is no issue that is more symbolic than what an independent nation is all about than defending and protecting your waters.”

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Professor Furedi argued that it was important for the Government to remain firm on the fishing stance in the Brexit talks.

He said: “For that reason, this is one the one area where I don’t think compromise is allowed or responsible.

“The simple reason is that once we do that, sovereignty itself becomes negotiable.

“We would simply give away bits of our sovereignty here and there.

“I would just stick very firmly on this issue because it transcends the needs and interests of a particular community within our country.”

Despite the rapidly approaching end of the transition period at the end of the year, there is no clear route to an accepted trading agreement on fishing.

Last week, the EU offered to return 15 to 18 percent of its catch in UK waters to Britain however this offer was swiftly rejected by the Government. 

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove recently lashed out at Michel Barnier for this and the EU’s attitude to trade talks.

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While speaking on Sky News, he said:” There are three main sticking points, the first is fisheries.

“The EU still wants to take the lion’s share of the fish in our waters which is just not fair given we are leaving the EU.

“The second thing is that the EU still wants us to be tied to their way of doing things.

“The third thing is what happens if there is a dispute.”

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