Brexit latest: Nigel Farage snubs EU’s £153,000 golden goodbye ‘won’t take a penny’

The Brexit Party leader’s spokesman said he could claim for his 20-year stint as a member of the European parliament, but decided against it. He is one of the UK’s 73 MEPs to be informed this week about any cash payouts they are due, The Guardian reports. Mr Farage’s spokesman said: “He won’t take a penny.”

The Brexit Party leader is entitled to a pre-tax sum worth £152,992 (€178,657) under a European parliament “transition allowance”.

The sum is for ex-MEPs and his would be based on his 20 complete years since he started in 1999.

In 2017, Mr Farage was asked whether he would take the funds and he told Sky News he would “probably” take the money.

However, most of Mr Farage’s Brexit Party MEPs will get no golden goodbye as they have only been MEPs for less than a year having stormed into European Parliament in July last year.

It comes as Mr Farage today expressed his outrage over a bizarre demand from the EU while in European Parliament.

Ursula von der Leyen demanded the Brexit Party remove their Union Jack mini flags from their desks, sparking a furious response from Mr Farage.

The Brexiteer launched a tirade on Twitter at the demand that came today while at European Parliament in Brussels.

He said: “We have just had our Union Jack flags removed from our desks in the European Parliament, by order of the President.

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“National symbols are now banned.

“Thank God we are leaving.”

Mr Farage’s 1.47million followers were quick to comment on the matter.

One suggested: “All BP MEPs should turn up in Union Jack blazers.”

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Another said: “I can’t believe its happening @Nigel_Farage, next month we will have our country back.”

A third said: “What an absolute farce.”

Another added: “Time to get rid of all the #EU flags still mysteriously flying from public buildings in London!”

Another said: “Are all national flags for all EU nations being removed?

“Or are the union flags only being removed in readiness for the UK’s departure?

“But if all nations are having their flags removed, then how can increased federalism now be denied? Thank God we are leaving!”

The order came from the new European Commission President Ms Von der Leyen, who only took up her role in November, two months ago.

Last week she visited Prime Minister Boris Johnson at No10.

She said the UK and EU will still have an “unbreakable” bond after Brexit.

But Ms Von der Leyen added the UK will have to accept compromises over leaving the EU at the end of this month.

She said: “Our partnership cannot and will not be the same as before.

“It will not be as close as before because with every choice comes a consequence. With every decision, comes a trade-off.

“Without the free movement of people, you cannot have the free movement of capital, goods and services.

“Without a level playing field on environment, labour and state aid, you cannot have the highest quality access to the world’s largest single market.

“The more divergence there is, the more distant the partnership will be.”

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