Brexit LIVE: Priti Patel set to announce points-based immigration system from January 1

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The Home Secretary is set to release details on Monday about how the new system, which will come into effect on January 1 2021 after freedom of movement ends when Britain finally leaves the EU, will operate. It is designed to cut the number of low-skilled migrants entering Britain from the beginning of next year, but aims to make it easier for higher-skilled workers to get UK visas.

People who want to live and work in the UK will need to gain 70 points to be eligible to apply for a visa.

Points will be awarded for key requirements like being able to speak English to a certain level, having a job offer from an approved employer and meeting a minimum salary threshold.

A health and care visa will provide a route for key health professionals to work in the UK, while a graduate route will allow international students to stay in the UK for at least two years after completing their studies.

Ms Patel said: “The British people voted to take back control of our borders and introduce a new points-based immigration system.

“Now we have left the EU, we are free to unleash this country’s full potential and implement the changes we need to restore trust in the immigration system and deliver a new fairer, firmer, skills-led system from 1 January 2021.

“Britain is open for business and ready to welcome the best and brightest global talent.”


7.52am update: EU leaders to shelve Michel Barnier to force through UK trade deal

Brexit egotiations will likely conclude in a “thin deal” between the UK and the EU but only after the direct intervention of EU leaders, expert Anan Menon has forecast.

Anand Menon, director of the UK in a Changing Europe think tank, forecast a “thin deal” will ultimately be agreed but suggested Michel Barnier will have to contend with the direct intervention of EU leaders in the negotiations.

Speaking to Channel 4 News, Mr Menon said: “If you force me to guess, I would say yes, there will be a deal.

“I think it will come in the autumn. By the autumn, as the clock is ticking down, as it always seems to do with Brexit, heads of state and government will get involved, then the necessary trade-offs will be made.

“It’s worth bearing in mind, there are deals and deals, and this promises to be quite a thin deal that’s going to necessitate quite a lot of checks at our borders.”

7.36am update: ‘UK’s new start: let’s get going’ launches

“The UK’s new start: let’s get going” adverts will be launched by the Government today on television, radio and online, with information also sent to people via text message.

It is part of a new public information campaign ahead of the end of the Brexit transition period.

British holidaymakers will be given guidance on travel insurance and taking their pets abroad, while it is hoped the campaign will help businesses and individuals prepare for the end of the transition period on December 31 when the UK leaves the single market and customs union.

Adverts will carry a “Check, Change, Go” strapline and direct people and businesses to a checker tool on the Government’s website to show them what next steps they need to take.

Businesses will also be able to contact a “field force team” for one-to-one support over the phone.

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