Brexit LIVE: Raab signs Britain up to 10-nation trade club in major win after leaving EU

Nigel Farage mocks Remainers over Brexit fears

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Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is attending a virtual signing ceremony with the nations that make up the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), with the UK joining its “dialogue partner” club in a major post-Brexit boost. Stronger ties to these nations, which are Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Brunei, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam, include underscoring new British jobs. It will see the UK invited to attend annual meetings of foreign and economic ministers, discussing in great depth issues around trade, investment, climate change, the environment, science and technology, and education.

Other formal partners of the bloc include the US, EU, China, India, Japan and Russia.

This is a major boost, as it is part of Britain’s wider push towards the Indo-Pacific in pursuit of a post-Brexit vision of “Global Britain” which will also include ramping up security and trade partnerships.

Mr Raab said joining the exclusive club will offer Brexit Britain a raft of opportunities, while also mitigating threats as the global “matrix of risk” evolves in the coming decades.

The Foreign Secretary added it is crucial to find ways to “positively influence China” in the region, but warned: “It’s not all about China, it’s about positive opportunities. The Indo-Pacific is the growth market of the future, if you take a 10-year period.”

He also warned the “tectonic geopolitical plates have shifted” in the 21st century, and insisted relationships with superpowers in the West is crucial to building Britain’s prosperity and security.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Mr Raab added: “We need to not just rely on the old important baseline alliances, whether it’s Five Eyes (intelligence-sharing partnership), Nato, the US or European friends.

“They matter. It’s not about diluting our focus on that, but we need to build on it.

“And so a region like Southeast Asia is particularly important.”


7.50am update: Brexit EXODUS: More than 90,000 EU workers leave UK – job vacancies soar by 342%

More than 90,000 EU workers have left the UK in a mass Brexit exodus, resulting in job vacancies soaring by a staggering 342 percent.

The hospitality sector took a huge hit over the past year due to the UK leaving the EU and also the damage to the economy caused by the Covid pandemic.

Kathy Dyball, at jobs site has now revealed it has seen vacancies soar by 342 since the re-opening of hospitality in May.

She added it currently has more than 28,179 vacancies currently being advertised on the site due to unemployed people desperately grappling for a new career after losing their jobs when the country shut down last year.

The loss of EU workers in recent months may have also been a factor of the influx of vacancies, as the site noted the percentage of EU workers before the pandemic was as high as 75 percent in London.

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