Britons back Boris Johnson despite local election drubbing: ‘No worse than normal!’

Boris Johnson reacts to 'mixed' local election results

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has faced calls to quit following the Conservative Party losing 487 seats and 12 councils in the local elections despite winning the mayoral race in Croydon. On May 5, 200 councils comprising hundreds of seats were up for election, with results showing Labour gaining 11 and losing six councils, while the Liberal Democrats gained control of three overall councils as well as significantly increasing their number of councillors.

Mr Johnson has come under fire for the humiliating defeats and admitted himself that his party endured a “tough night”.

He said: “We had a tough night in some parts of the country but on the other hand in other parts of the country you are still seeing Conservatives going forward and making quite remarkable gains in places that haven’t voted Conservative for a long time, if ever.”

The loss of key councils including Wandsworth, Barnet and Westminster has increased pressure on Mr Johnson.

Despite the Conservatives losing more than 480 councillors, Mr Johnson said results showed voters wanted the Government to “focus on the big issues that matter to them”.

In a set of polls that ran from 10am on Friday, May 6, to midday on Tuesday, May 10, asked readers’ opinions on whether Mr Johnson should resign and who the real winner of the local elections was.

First, asked: “Should Boris Johnson resign over the local election results?”

A total of 9,045 people responded to this question with the vast majority – 76 percent (6,851 people) – answering “no”, Mr Johnson should not resign over the local election results.

A further 24 percent (2,136 people) said “yes”, Mr Johnson should resign while just 58 people said they did not know.

Election results show the Liberal Democrats made good progress, which Party leader Sir Ed Davey has described as a “turning point” for the party’s prospects.

The Lib Dems achieved the biggest net gain of any party winning over 220 new councillors across Britain.

Labour gained the second most council seats overall with Sir Keir Starmer saying his party was “on track” to win the next general election.

Meanwhile, the Green Party increased their number of councillors by more than 80 but their overall number of seats remains low.

Next in the set of polls, asked: “Who do you think was the real winner in the local elections?”

This question was answered by 8,716 readers with the most popular answer, gaining 44 percent (3,940 people) of votes cast was “no-one”.

Meanwhile, 26 percent (2,341 people) said the Conservatives were the real winner and 17 percent (1,532 people) opted for the Liberal Democrats.

A further six percent (512 people) said Labour, just ten people said the Green Party and nine said the Scottish National Party while four percent (372 people) said they did not know.

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In the comments left below the article, it was evident that there is public support for Mr Johnson continuing as Prime Minister.

Username Spooks said: “Boris is the winner, results no worse than normal mid-term local elections.”

And username CHOGGY said: “No he should only resign if the general election is a failure. Local elections do not run Parliament.”

Others said the results are “fairly normal” for mid-term elections.

Username Moonraker-lad said: “Every Government gets hammered in mid-term local elections. Boris therefore has NO reason to resign. NONE.”

Username Edsaid wrote: “Of course not. Typical mid-term blues is no political compass.”

And username Norfolk Boy said: “This is a fairly normal Mid-term election result with the Government Party tending to lose seats. The real fact is that Labour have failed to make any significant gains in England. The result is better than feared for the Tories.”

Another, username No one important said: “These results will have no effect at all on the next general election.”

While username EnseignantDabrutis said: “The local election results are excellent for the opposition parties.”

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