Childish Remainer MPs blasted for ‘chaotic’ protest against suspension of Parliament

The protesting Parliamentarians crowded around John Bercow chanting and holding signs that read ‘Silenced’ as the prorogation ceremony began on Monday night. The group, led by Labour MPs Rachael Maskell, Lloyd Russell-Moyle and Clive Lewis, continued their unruly display of antics as Sarah Clarke, Lady Usher of the Black Rod, carried out her duties.

Norman Fowler, the House of Lords Speaker, took to Twitter to praise Ms Clarke for retaining a dignified manner throughout the disruptive episode.

He said: “Congratulations to Sarah Clarke, Black Rod in the House of Lords

“She was one of the few to emerge from last night’s chaotic prorogation proceedings in the House of Commons with credit. She remained calm and collected throughout.”

Ms Clarke, the first female Black Rod in its 669-year history, was met by jeers as she marched into the chamber carrying the gold staff.

During the traditional proroguing ceremony told politicians she required their presence in the House of Lords.

Many Opposition MPs responded by shouting ‘No!’ before she led Mr Bercow out of the chamber followed by Tory MPs.

But Opposition MPs refused to take part, instead, they staged a “sit-in” and singing anthems such as The Red Flag, Ode to Joy and Flower of Scotland.

Labour frontbencher Dawn Butler wrote on Twitter saying she was “proud to be a part of the team to try and stop the prorogation of Parliament”.

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York Central MP Rachael Maskell tweeted: “Tonight I did everything I could to stop the Parliament being prorogued.

“I presented York’s petition via a Point of Order, and then tried to stop the Speaker going to the Lords.”

The five-week suspension brought to a close the longest Parliamentary session in Britain’s history.

Writing in the Independent, Mr Lewis, MP for Norwich South, said he and colleagues had taken “peaceful, direct action, symbolically flanking the Speaker, to say we will not be silenced, and that we will stand up for the democratic freedoms and sovereignty of our Parliament”.

Mr Bercow’s earlier resignation speech drew a standing ovation from those on the Opposition benches but few Tory MPs applauded him.

As the proroguing ceremony started he announced that Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament was not “normal”.

Mr Bercow is seen as a somewhat unpopular figure among many Brexiteers because he has on a number of occasions sided with Remainers.

He will step down on October 31, the day the UK is scheduled to leave the EU.

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