Corbyn supporters on the brink: Desperate Starmer declares WAR on own Labour members

Keir Starmer has 'moral principles of a jellyfish' says Galloway

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Last night the Labour leader appeared to declare war on his own ranks as he looks to improve the party’s electoral offering. In stark contrast to his predecessor, he pledged to rebuild Labour’s links with businesses.

In comments likely to cause anger across sections of the Opposition, he also urged members to embrace Tony Blair’s legacy.

When Sir Keir was elected as Labour leader in spring last year, he pledged to stick to a number of policies adopted by Jeremy Corbyn in 2019.

He promised to support mass re-nationalisation, strengthening trade union power, and a hike in corporation tax.

But yesterday Sir Keir suggested a shift in the policies, criticised by many in the City at the last election.

“I’m acutely aware that among my first tasks is rebuilding the relationship between the Labour party and business,” he told the Financial Times.

He added he had one singular aim: “To win the next election.”

Sir Keir went on to admit he was willing to tackle dissenters in his party head on to get into No10.

He said: “We have to turn the Labour party inside out and that’s what we’ve been doing for the last 18 months.

“Too many of our members and supporters think winning an internal argument in the Labour party is changing the world — it isn’t.

“We’ve got to get real.”

Hundreds of Labour members have been suspended from the party since Sir Keir took charge, many were been supporters of Mr Corbyn.

The former leader was himself temporarily suspended from the party last autumn and continues to be denied the right to sit with Labour MPs in the Commons.

Last month the party’s ruling executive committee also voted to ban four far-left factions that were vocal supporters of Mr Corbyn’s leadership.

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Any Labour member found to be a part of one of the four groups would be automatically expelled from the party.

The St Pancras and Holborn MP also lavished praise on Tony Blair as he spoke on a visit to Scotland yesterday.

Calling on Labour to talk up the achievements of Mr Blair while in office, he said: “We have to be proud of that record in government and not be arm’s length or distant about it.”

A poll by YouGov of 989 Labour members, conducted in the last week of June, found 45 percent of the party have a negative opinion of the ex-Prime Minister.

Mr Blair’s decision to enter the Iraq war in 2003 remains unpopular not just with Labour members but with the wider public.

The foreign policy decision is seen to have overshadowed much of the rest of his legacy in the eyes of the public.

Despite confronting the Labour Left, Sir Keir urged the party to pull together to beat the Tories at the next election.

He said: “Labour only ever wins if it glimpses the future.”

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