Dominic Cummings: The architect behind Brexit – but what are his qualifications?

'No importance for me' in Cummings comments says Barnier

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Dominic Cummings has had no qualms telling all about his time advising Boris Johnson, having already dished out multiple accusations of incompetence over the coronavirus pandemic and the Brexit negotiations. Mr Cummings departed his role in Downing Street at the end of 2020 following an internal power struggle, amid claims Mr Johnson’s then-fiancee Carrie Symonds had blocked the promotion of one of his allies, Lee Cain.

After a few months of silence, Mr Cummings emerged with multiple damning accusations against Mr Johnson and selected Government ministers.

But Mr Cummings became a household name in 2020 a the tail end of the first coronavirus lockdown, a first for a Government advisor, when he broke lockdown rules four days after they began in March 2021.

Mr Cummings was revealed to have travelled, along with his family, from London to Durham while showing symptoms of COVID-19.

This led to furious allegations of double standards and Mr Cummings was forced to host a press conference from Downing Street to calm the public and media reaction – something which did not exactly work as planned.

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Mr Cummings claims he left London for Durham over security concerns regarding his London home.

Mr Johnson stood by his advisor throughout the scandal – to the anger of some of his supporters, who feared the debacle undermined the Prime Minister’s attempts to keep the country together during a national crisis.

But what does Mr Cummings do now? What are his qualifications?

Mr Cummings was born and raised in County Durham and attended Durham School, which was at the time an all-boys elite private school.

He went on to study Ancient and Modern History at Exeter College, Oxford but does not hold any political qualifications.

Shortly after he moved to Russia, working for a group that aimed to set up an airline connecting Samara in southern Russia to Vienna in Austria.

He has spent much of his career working for Eurosceptic organisations; including Business for Sterling, a campaign against joining the Euro; North East Says No, a campaign against the proposed North East Assembly; The Spectator; among others.

Mr Cummings has been in and around the upper reaches of government and the Conservative Party for nearly two decades and has made a career out of not running with the so-called establishment, despite arguably being a part of just that.

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He was special adviser to Michael Gove from 2007 to 2014 in various roles and advised him in his role as Secretary of State for Education.

He became campaign director of Vote Leave in 2015, and is credited with creating the slogan “Take Back Control” and the false claim that leaving the EU would provide an extra £350 million per week for the NHS.

He became chief advisor to Mr Johnson in 2019 and has been credited with being the force behind the “Get Brexit Done” campaign that saw the current Prime Minister into office.

According to his now-defunct website, he has never been a member of a political party.

What does Dominic Cummings do now?

Mr Cummings does not appear to have moved into another full-time job – but generates money from his blog, which he hosts on Substack.

He makes all of his coronavirus content free for all users, but charges for essays and posts on other subjects, including Brexit.

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