Donald Trump supports Farage’s election pact with Boris Johnson to get Brexit done

Mr Farage today announced he would stand down candidates in all seats won by the Conservative Party in the 2017 election and instead target Labour seats in the North of the country. He today told BBC Newsnight the US President is likely to support their pact, after the Republican urged the two ardent Brexiteers to come together and put their differences over Brexit to one side. When asked what President Trump would make of the pact, he said: “He’ll probably think it’s good, but he’ll probably think it’s good because his big fear, which he expressed to me the other week, was that if we go down the route of alignment, it virtually wipes if virtually wipes out the prospect of a trade deal with the USA and now Boris is kind of saying, we go in for a Canada-style trade deal.”

Mr Farage continued to talk about the pact with Mr Johnson, adding if he does stick to his word the Brexit Party will become a “major threat” to the Tories.

Initially referring to Mr Johnson, Mr Farage said: “The strategy is we have to be a powerful enough political party, winning some of these seats to get into the House of Commons, and he’ll know, if he’s like Mrs May he completely breaks them… Brexit means Brexit and all this stuff… and then we saw that dreadful treaty, he knows that if he backs down significantly from this, the Brexit Party will pose him a major threat.

“Look, honestly, if he does what he said last night, we’re going to get something that looks like Brexit.

“Mr Trump’s real fear would be that if the lib Dems had a huge surge, and if the SNP do the same thin they might in Scotland, do you stat to get to a situation where you might have a majority in Parliament for a second referendum.”

President Trump last week tweeted a pact between Mr Farage and Mr Johnson would make them an “unstoppable” force.

President Trump even rang in to Mr Farage’s LBC radio programme to voice his opinion on the matter.

He said: “I’d like to see you and Boris get together ’cause you would really have some numbers, ’cause you did fantastically in the last election.

“And he respects you a lot, I can tell you that, he respects you a lot.

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“I don’t know if you know that or not?”

Turning his fire on Labour, Mr Trump said: “Corbyn would be so bad for your country.

“He’d be so bad, he’d take you in such a bad way. He’d take you into such bad places.”

He added: “I’m sure he’s a lovely man but, you know, he’s of a different persuasion, to put it mildly. Perhaps the opposite, he’s of the opposite end.”

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Asked previously which politician he liked of the two, he said in October: “I like them both.

“So I think Boris will get it right. They’re both friends of mine. What I’d like to see is for Nigel and Boris to come together. I think that’s a possibility.”

Early polls suggest Mr Johnson will have a triumphant victory in the ballot on December 12.

Staggeringly, the polls also show voting intention in the north – the so-called Labour heartlands – has shifted, with the north west expected to vote for the Tories in the first time in decades.

Many Labour leave voters feel dismayed that Mr Corbyn’s stance on Britain leaving the EU has changed, with the party now backing a second referendum.

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