EU demands AstraZeneca sends Covid vaccine from UK factories ‘It’s in the contract!’

Peter Bone calls EU ‘bullies’ over vaccines

Brussels has been at war with the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical giant after its bosses said they would have to slash the number of Oxford-developed jab sent to EU member states. Eurocrats are hoping to use loopholes in the agreement to pressure the firm to divert tens of million doses made in Britain to the bloc. But AstraZeneca is confident it is in the right by announcing a delay to deliveries because of production hiccups at a number of European plants.

Following the publication  of the contract, the Commission’s chief spokesman said: “We have always said that indeed there are a number of plants which are mentioned in the contract that we have with AstraZeneca, some of which are located in the UK, and it is foreseen that these plants will contribute to the effort of AstraZeneca to deliver doses to the European Union.

“There is absolutely no question for us that this is what the contract specifies.”

The document states that UK factories used in the production of the AstraZeneca/Oxford jab should be used to supply the bloc.

The firm must use “Best Reasonable Efforts” to produce doses within the EU but can use facilities outside to ensure the flow of vaccines to European capitals.

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