EU shamed over outrageous plot to ‘brainwash’ UK students with pro-Brussels propaganda

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The criticism came after the European Parliament said it would “continue to engage with young generations of UK citizens” after Brexit. President David Sassoli decided to maintain the Parliament’s presence in London and adopt the institution’s communications strategy. MEPs want to reach out to “ensure that UK citizens, in particular the younger generation and the millions of EU27 citizens residing in the country, are still able to participate” in a number of EU schemes.

A statement said: “Opinion multiplier groups, youth groups and organisations will be able to participate in debates and events offered by the European Parliament like the European Youth Event, which brings together thousands of young Europeans every two years in Strasbourg and online.

“UK schools will also be able to participate in Euroscola, an immersive experience that takes place in the Chamber of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, allowing secondary school students to learn about European integration by experiencing it first-hand.

“UK schools can also take part in the European Parliament Ambassador Schools Programme.”

The EU scheme invites school children, normally from member states, to visit the European Parliament to take part in mock plenary sessions.

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They receive talks from senior members of the EU Parliament, including many of its vice-presidents.

The sessions were cancelled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but eurocrats organised online meetings on issues such as climate change and youth unemployment.

Former Brexit Party MEPs insisted the bloc was trying to “brainwash” British children in the hope that the country rejoins the EU in the future.

Alex Phillips said: “The EU lavishes serious money on its ever-growing PR machine.

“They certainly need to right now, with a disastrous vaccine programme and crumbling continental economy that can only be rescued by consensus they are struggling to reach.

“And their ambitions do not stop there. Far from content that Britain is striking out on its own, the EU appears to be clinging to the hope that the next generation can be brainwashed into taking us back in.

“When the freedoms that Brexit brings home are fully restored and we compare our own situation to that on the Continent in a couple of years, I am very confident thoughts of getting tangled back up again in the anti-democratic blob will be far from anyone’s mind.”

Rupert Lowe added: “For years the eurocrats have pumped pro-EU propaganda into our schools and universities. Why on earth would we let them carry on post-Brexit?

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“Eye-watering EU communication budgets would be better spent on helping ordinary citizens recover from the pandemic. It’s clear that they’ve learnt nothing from Brexit.”

Downing Street opted against rejoining the EU’s Erasmus student exchange programme.

Northern Irish students will be able to continue in the scheme after Dublin agreed to fund them.

Insiders say Boris Johnson believes Erasmus membership favours middle class families and goes against his “level up” agenda.

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MEPs have largely criticised the Government’s decision to not partake in the Europe-wide scheme.

Downing Street has announced a new UK-led global initiative named after wartime code-breaker Alan Turing.

At a recent EU meeting, the European Parliament’s trade committee said they regretted Britain’s decision to quit Eramus.

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